Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed....Something Blue

Color is the first thing that grabs you!  Doesn’t matter whether it’s a car, t-shirt or flowers, you will gravitate to color that speaks to your soul.  Everyone seems to have a favorite and your color choice can speak volumes about your personality and mood.  After all color affects everything from hunger (red), calming anxiety (green) or adding joy(orange).   Pure hues and their undertones are reflective of world events and economies.  If colors tend towards more muted and is tempered with brown then the economy is struggling.  If colors are more vibrant with green and yellow undertones, then business is booming.  

What’s the current color that’s trending?  With all the present chaos, the one hue that has become a prominent request is the color that exudes calm and reliability… BLUE! 

COVID has changed the wedding landscape.  We are still designing beautiful flowers for intimate wedding ceremonies.  This last weekend we had numerous celebrations and although blush pinks, peaches and neutrals are a prominent palette there was a shift to all shades of blue.  The color of tranquility and peace it represents trust and sensitivity.  If blue is your favorite color then you form strong attachments with others, you are conservative, even tempered and reliable, which makes you an excellent parent or spouse.  If you tend toward more vibrant blues you prefer a tad more excitement and you are a bit more gregarious.  If you are choosing blue for your wedding then you are in good company.  Universally, blue is the most popular color.   

Here's our something blue from last week’s weddings.  Trending in blue flowers are gorgeous delphinium, thistle and blue roses.  The roses featured here have a high petal count, large heads and are custom color enhanced to a vibrant blue.