Do you need fresh flowers? Are you seeking to brighten someone’s day, celebrate a  special moment, comfort or encourage a friend during a difficult time, or maybe you just enjoy the beauty and joy fresh flowers convey? Whatever the reason, Designs of the Times florist can create a gorgeous combination of fresh flowers in a unique design to send your message of happiness, celebration, comfort or love. 

Our fresh flowers are expertly arranged by a team of well trained florists who painstakingly focus on every detail from selecting a color harmony that fits the sentiment to creating designs that are artistic and exceptional.  We offer custom arrangements as well as a large selection of  signature bouquets that fit specific moments and celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries.

We are of course thrilled if you are giving flowers just because. Sending flowers when they are least expected is a thoughtful gesture that creates a lasting memory.  Brightening someone’s day or bringing life and beauty into your home is a great way to enhance your mood. The benefits of flowers and plants are numerous. Studies have shown that fresh flowers and plants in the home create a calm and serene environment. Plants are an environmentally perfect choice.  They filter the air in your home or office and are good listeners!  

If you need same day delivery for a special occasion trust our floral artists to select flowers that tell a story.  Each blossom has a meaning, some going back thousands of years.  For a romantic anniversary consider red roses.  Red roses are the universal sign of love and beauty.  In Greek mythology rose bushes were said to grow from the tears of Aphrodite as she grieved the loss of her love Adonis.

The beauty of fresh flowers evokes strong emotional responses.  Sending the right message for a specific occasion takes a combination of choosing just the right blossoms, arranged in a pleasing style, and a color palette that sets the mood. Of these three elements, color plays the major role in the response your gift will elicit. Consider the following emotions associated with color:

  • Red:  Passion, Love

  • Orange: Happiness, Energy

  • Green:  New beginnings, Nature, Abundance

  • Blue: Responsible, Sadness, Calm

  • Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth

  • Black: Mystery, Elegance, Formality

Is there a design style or specific flower you prefer?   Take a look at our Artist Choice bouquets.  You can select your colors, style, size and our flower experts will create a stunning arrangement of the freshest flowers in town.  Our signature designs as well as the Artist Choice are available on our website for these special occasions:

  • Birthday

  • Anniversaries

  • Get Well

  • New Baby

  • I Love You

If you would like to learn more about how we create our arrangements or are interested in seeing certain types of flowers or designs please give us a call at (321)-676-2452. Challenge us with your ideas.  The more input we have the more personalized your arrangement will be.

Why Do We Give Each Other Flowers?

Have you ever wondered why we choose to give each other flowers? Well, it goes beyond merely looking pretty.  For as long as humans have been walking this earth, flowers have been the best way to share emotion.  Think about when you are happy, sad, or romantic. There are certain flowers that have historically been used to represent those feelings. During the Victorian era across Europe, it was a tradition to present your love with a bouquet as a marriage proposal. If they returned the bouquet to your right hand it meant yes, if it was returned to the left hand it meant no.  

Flowers still play an important role in today’s society as emotional messaging.  It is why we continue to send flowers to mark the moments in our lives. Think of fresh flowers as a three dimensional, colorful and fragrant emoji!