by Tina Coker AIFD AAF PFCI

Floral Football by Erin & Amy at Designs of the Times Florist 

My husband says it’s exhausting to watch college football with me.  I’m enthusiastic and hang on every play from the moment the first whistle is blown.  Sometimes covering my eyes too stressed to watch the next game changing play and always on the edge of my seat for every field goal attempt.   This year with the reduction of college games due to Covid I’ve started watching professional football.  Although I grew up watching the Green bay packers with my brothers, I’m a Florida native who roots for Tampa Bay….Go Bucs!  

The new quarter back for our Buccaneers, Tom Brady, is amazing to watch.  A 20 year veteran of the NFL, he has a wealth of experience and finesse on the field.  By no means am I an expert on football.  I am barely a step above liking a team because their uniforms are pretty.  But last week while watching the game against the Detroit Lions, Brady did something that peaked my curiosity.  The center calls the protection on every play, but on one play Brady saw something different than the center and changed the protection.  A six-time super bowl quarter back, who I’m sure has been sacked enough times to recognize the opposing team’s blitz, Brady adjusted the line.   No disrespect to the center’s call, but in some cases the amount of experience a person has leads to a far better outcome.  

 2021 rings in my 39th anniversary of opening this retail flower shop. For 25 of those 39 years, I traveled all over the world teaching floral designers every aspect of floral artistry and practical flower shop operation.  Those years of teaching gave me the opportunity to illustrate multiple mechanics for any given design style.  Whether I’m designing for the Rose Bowl parade, Presidential inaugurals, or a bumble bee birthday celebration for a 1 year old, every event has its unique challenge.  I love a Challenge.  It’s like going for it on a 4th down!  Recognizing and overcoming challenges takes experience and the ability to see a possible blitz.  In my estimation whether its football or flowers…Experience Matters for the best outcome.