As  they say in the movie You've Got Mail...."Daisies are such a friendly flower!"   If I had to pick a flower as my personality type I'd hope to be a daisy.  They have a fresh friendly nature that is cute and natural looking.  The one thing I like most about daisies is that they don't pretend to be soemthing else.  They are happy about being a daisy so they stand up strong and proud against more delicate blossoms in a bouquet.  They don't have the elegance of the rose, the complexity of a peony or the distinctive look of a tropical bird of paradise.  But they do have longevity, simplicity and beautiful shape. Everytime I design with them, it reminds me how important it is to be the best possible me I can be!  Focus on the qualities that make you friendly, strong and proud.  Aspire to be the best possible daisy you can be.